Sound and Lighting System Design and Installation


SoundVision Audio and Lighting provides full service sound and lighting system design, installation and management. If you are a nightclub, bar, or restaurant owner, give us a call for all of your sound and lighting needs. SoundVision can save you thousands on the design, installation and management of your system. We will work with your budget to get you the best system for your money. Whether it's a small sound system to play background music for a restaurant or a full blown professional sound and lighting system for a nightclub or concert venue. We will get you the best equipment for the best price. Don't get ripped off by the so called "professional" sound installation companies. We have 25 years of "real world" experience with sound and lighting system design and implementation. Getting the right system for your needs and budget is the key to a successful system design and installation. Many companies will sell you things you don't need and inflate the prices on things you do. We will guide you through every step and every item, and explain in layman's terms, why you should have it and what it's for. We will also research prices on all equipment you purchase and save you at least 10-30% off the retail price. In addition to design and installation, we also offer management services. We can staff your club or venue with top notch audio and lighting technicians to maintain and operate your system to ensure your investment is well cared for and operated in a professional manner.

If you are interested in getting a quote for a sound and/or lighting system. send us an email at

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